Thai Days: Southern violence and guns for the people


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is fed up with reading the word “restive” in connection with the far South of Thailand. It isn’t ‘restive’.

It is murderous, stupid, Islamist, criminal, cruel.

A miserable looking figure in a hospital bed – a front page photo. A 20 year old university student. She was shot in the head while going home on her scooter. She spent some time in a coma then died.

The heroes of this deranged separatist revolution also scored three other ‘restive’ killings elsewhere.

One of the ‘oppressors’ terminated was a little girl.

This butchery is daily. The Thai military is targeted but by and large the crippled, maimed and slain are mainly nurses, students, monks, teachers. And a lot of children. Soft targets. Very soft.

One victim, largely forgotten, was a railway station worker. This pointless murder really got my goat! He cleaned the platform, dusted the office, probably greeted passengers with a smile, dozed lazy hours away slurping noodles and an insurgent stopped all that by shooting him.

What for?

A new nation in the far South? What are these psycho Muslim scumbags going to do with their new country? Attract tourists? Export rubber? They don’t want tourists. They shoot rubber planters. And they deal drugs.

They clearly don’t want schools – three just incinerated – and everything they stand for I stand against. The government has just issued rather a large number of rifles to citizen volunteers.

I fear for them.

What a hellish way to live – you have a gun, but this is not a fair shoot it out fight. It’s a sneak attack, shoot a student in the back of the head fight, a roadside bomb fight, a cowardly, vicious, fundamentally inexplicable fight.

A Ranger just shot three of his fellows. A mental collapse. The guys down there are under tremendous pressure. Medical staff are extremely reluctant to go. The dickheads shoot them. It is, to quote James Blunt (a favourite of mine!) “a generation drenched in hate.”

What is required is meeting this violence with greater violence. Government giving the good guys rifles isn’t it. They are civilians.

What is required is the British SAS.

Or some useful South African operators. The Brits and the SA contingent could smoke out this wasps nest. The Australians could be useful!

Killing here, on a strategic and major league scale, is the only solution. I never want to see dead nuns, or students, or kids or teachers killed again. That Uni girl in her death bed was heart breaking.

She was utterly harmless! She should be alive with lots of things ahead! The little Muslim shits should be shot dead! And I hope they will be!


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