Colum’s Column: Frank Zappa shared a video with you!


When Hugh Paxton’s Blog gets anything from Guatemala and Colum I feel duty bound to pass it on. If you haven’t been to Guatemala you are exhibiting common sense. Personally I love the place. But common sense has never been my strong point. This latest is a scream! Beautifully filmed but making about as much sense as a 1950s horror movie.

Great white sharks don’t bother with tiny turtles. And the turtles are in the wrong ocean. They were taken there.

A well meaning endeavor and a lot of work and creativity involved.

But Colum has it right. Frank Zappa.

Extremely enjoyable but rather alternative! I hope Frank keeps this sort of stuff coming!



From: Frank via Dropbox []
Sent: Saturday, November 08, 2014 4:33 AM
Subject: Frank Zappa shared a video with you!

Frank shared a video with you!


“Don Hugh,

Here’s a link to our video.

FO! Ahab”

View video

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