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Hugh Paxton’s Blog knew, the first time that I read one of their books, that these two chaps were special. The world is now clearly in agreement! I love seeing gifted writers thrive and soar and they are doing just that!

There aren’t any Barnes and Nobles in Thailand so I’ll have to imagine the festivities and sales and excitement.

Doug and Linc thank their readers. As a reader I’d prefer to thank Doug and Linc. They do the writing. All I do is enjoy myself reading.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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Greetings to our readers!

We don’t usually write to you about such things as "special holiday promotions," but one has come along so unique we thought we should pass on the news.

For three days — Friday, November 28 ("Black Friday") to Sunday, November 30 — Barnes and Noble will be selling autographed copies of our latest Pendergast novel, BLUE LABYRINTH, at their usual excellent price. (We signed these books a while ago but weren’t told what they were for.) And it’s not only our book that’s being given this special treatment: there will also be signed editions from such fantastic authors as David Baldacci, Donna Tartt, Anne Rice, Brad Meltzer, Dan Brown, and dozens more.

Not every store will carry signed copies, so we suggest you call ahead to check availability. Here is a website you can use to find your closest Barnes and Noble, as well as a list of the authors offering their signed books. (This is an in-store promotion only, good while supplies last.)

By the way, we wanted to let you know that BLUE LABYRINTH debuts at number 5 on the New York Times bestseller list.

We send you our warmest Thanksgiving Day wishes — and as long as we are on the subject of thanks, we both wanted to personally express our sincerest gratitude to you for your loyalty and support. It means a lot to us.


Doug & Linc

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