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Hugh Paxton’s Blog received the following a selfie campaign.


Today we started a campaign to draw attention to Climate Change and the 2 degree limit, can you help? 1. Either take a Selfie with Sunglasses with two fingers in the air (#staycool #below2degrees) 2. Or just re-tweet and ask more people to re-tweet / join?

Would be great if you can help out and spread the campaign (which runs at the same time as COP in Lima), thanks a lot, see you soon again in Beijing? Regards, Patrick

From: Patrick Haverman
Sent: Monday, December 01, 2014 12:34 PM
To: cn.all.undp
Subject: StayCool campaign

Dear UNDP colleagues,

Today UNDP launches a climate change campaign called #StayCool or #二够了#! The campaign is the second campaign of UNDP (after the #DOLLAR25 in October) and part of our commitment in the Social Media Alliance announced at the SGS 23 September. Gates, Sina, Tencent, Baidu, Guokr, RenRen etc. are members of the Social media alliance and help to spread the message. Today’s campaign raises awareness around the 2 degrees band with the 2 finger peace sign (while wearing Sunglasses). The aim is to raise awareness around the global goal of emission reduction as agreed in Copenhagen 2009, holding any temperature increase below 2 degrees Celsius. #StayCool (hashtag for Twitter) #二够了# (Hashtag for Weibo) coincides with the COP20 Conference held from December 1stto 12th. COP20 in Lima is the principal opportunity for nations to negotiate, before hopefully a definitive commitment in United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris next year.

As fellow UN colleagues, please participate… take out your sunglasses and post pictures on Weibo, Twitter, Instagram, and other social media sites with 2 finger peace sign, #StayCool OR #二够了# and challenge two friends to do the same! Jane Goodall, Haoliang Xu, Ji Shisan, and many others are already showing their commitment to the 2 degree band. Join us from December 1st -12th!

Patrick Haverman 何佩德

Deputy Country Director

United Nations Development Programme in China

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China 100600


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