America: Race riots and why they are stupid and self defeating


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has been getting a lot of this sort of thing since Ferguson and the American race riots (if they can be called that with a straight face).

Political protests come in many forms, shapes and sizes and are important to keep societies healthy and intellectually vigorous. I welcome most, even if I disagree. Some are extraordinarily brave; Tibetan monks setting themselves on fire, that young Chinese student who stood arms wide in front of a column of Chinese tanks in Tiannaman Square, Yeltsin doing something a bit similar in Russia (after two bottles of vodka), the British anti-road protestors who dug tunnels and stayed in them to prevent heavy building machinery destroying woodland, Sea Shepherd volunteers who risk drowning and icy water not to mention arrest to thwart the predatory and illegal activities of Japan’s whaling fleet in Antarctic waters, Pakistani school girls risking acid in the face and gunfire to achieve the right to education, and countless other, unreported actions taken by people who feel something is wrong.

Many acts of civil disobedience go unreported, many activists are murdered or vanish. The world turns and largely ignores the Cambodians who disappear etc.

Then a white cop shoots a drugged up black criminal in America and there is an eruption! A grand jury comprising black and white citizens decides the policeman’s actions were validated by circumstances and what does black America do? At its worst, protestors head straight for the local shops and run off with TVs, set fire to buildings, roll cars over and behave like wild men (and women). There’s no politics there. No plan. No evidence of strategy. It’s a glorious greed fuelled, hysterical, selfish and self defeating free for all. It isn’t a political protest. It’s a bunch of black people confirming everything that a racist believes. Black Americans are brainless thieves and opportunistic smash and grab troublemakers.

What nauseates me is the speed with which the various geriatric Civil Rights activists leap upon the burning band wagon and dust off speeches made decades ago and rant about racism and police brutality ignoring this obscenely lawless behavior committed by a rabble of looters who just want to steal as much as possible. The media is strangely complicit in this liberal farce offering a disproportionate amount of air time to rich, grizzled old black activists who repeat the clichés about white racism, police brutality etc.. One of these morally defunct gurus was challenged by a BBC interviewer about the violent nature of the protests and he rapidly condemned violence. Police violence. I didn’t see any police violence and I didn’t see policemen waddling off with a stack of bras and dresses. This liberty anti-racist man described Obama as an Oreo (black on the outside, white on the inside). I heard Socialist Worker Party members in Islington (London) calling black policemen coconuts (same idea, brown outside, white at heart). When the rightist National Front marched against them, they huddled behind the coconuts for safety. The coconuts saved their skins. Oreo! How offensive!

The situation in the States is currently designed not to improve race relations but to make things worse. If Blacks want to protest police violence I suggest:

1. Stop being violent and present a coherent argument instead of burning down Korean-owned shops, and running off with supermarket trolleys loaded with anything available.

2. Cut these ridiculous “mummy” interviews where Mom comes on screen all weepy and talks about “reading bed time stories.” If the Mums cared they would have noticed their beloved boys were using drugs, behaving like gangsters, bullying people, strutting, and terrorizing their neighbourhoods.

3. Leave race out of it. Injustice should be addressed by ignoring skin colour. How may white criminals have been shot by police? Do we see waves of white youth stampeding away with microwaves, big bags of frozen chicken, marshmallows and hair dryers?

The more virulent the Black v White Cop rhetoric gets, the more the newly renovated Black rights movement espouses the causes of law breaking scumbags who quite frankly would not have got into trouble if they hadn’t placed themselves in trouble then things won’t get better.

Let’s start with this post. Rather gentle. I’m going to post another just now which ups the ante.

To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: FW: Short Message: A Thoughful Son

I guess this clears it up!!!!

Someone finally had the nerve to say it.

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  1. Stella Says:

    This is probably the best thought out and most sensible commentary I’ve seen on this sorry situation. Thanks Hugh!

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