American race riots (pt II! See any difference?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog sends an example of how things escalate. Refer to previous blog post. Another email from foreign parts and I have immediately spotted the difference. The baboons have lost their car keys. We all know how annoying that is! The other lot in the other picture ?

They just seem to have lost it.

Come on African Americans! Get it together! If they’re laughing at you in Botswana and Zimbabwe they’ll be laughing at you all over Africa. What you really need to take on board is that you aren’t African Americans. You have nothing in common with Africans. You are Americans. It’s what you have and what you are. Make the most of it and try to thrive.

Cheers from Bangkok!


Subject: See Any Difference?

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  1. Stella Says:

    And here is another great piece on the all-new American “race riots”. Thanks again!

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