INTERPOL: Fisheries crime investigations supported by INTERPOL training


Hugh Paxton’s blog forwards the latest from INTERPOL and is glad to that fish are on the agency’s agenda. The marine environment continues to be horribly and destructively over-exploited worldwide. As a consumer you may have noticed the ever upward lurches in fish prices, the disappearance of once common species from shop shelves and fishmongers’ cold counters, the arrival of new previously ignored species to replace once familiar family Friday dinner staples. The principle culprits are increasingly sophisticated technology enabling maximum extraction, greed, a wanton disregard to law, the ‘tragedy of the commons’ (ie the open oceans that belong to no nation and therefore belong to anybody operating on them irrespective of their activities – a total free-for-all that far from being free costs our planet’s finite resources dearly), and a madly selfish short sightedness that wants everything now without a thought for all the tomorrows that lie ahead.

I hope that INTERPOL will keep forging ahead with this initiative. The “Train the Trainer” approach has always struck me as a very shrewd investment in empowerment, skills transfer and sustainability. Hugh Paxton’s Blog, as ever, wishes INTERPOL success and extends these good wishes to the people of Latin America who are key to that success.

Best wishes from Bangkok!


From: INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate []
Sent: Monday, December 08, 2014 9:16 PM
Subject: Fisheries crime investigations supported by INTERPOL training

Dear Colleagues,
Please find below the latest press release issued by INTERPOL. Other language versions will be published on the INTERPOL website as they become available.
Best regards,

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