A Big Thank You to the Taliban: You Have Destroyed Yourself With the Help of a School Girl


Hugh Paxton’s Blog thanks the Taliban gunman who shot the school girl in her head. He has advanced everything he hates in a way that a million petitions could have not achieved. He has thrust her message full face into the whole world. He has empowered millions of children, male and female, to seek and achieve an education. The girl he failed to kill is now the world’s youngest Nobel Laureate and is charismatic, eloquent, a crowd pleaser, has received standing ovations and plans to be a the prime minister of her native Pakistan. She is currently the most influential and listened to school girl in the world.

This wouldn’t have been possible if that Taliban gun man had decided that girls weren’t deserving of education and should stay at home as ignorant, slaves.

I like to think of him, with his horrid beard, habitual fleas, dust in his privates, AK cradled like a poisoned crutch, eating his stale bread and crusty lentils, his prayer mat and Koran to hand but no light to read it and a radio telling him that he has been the most successful disaster in Jihad history.

Hugh Paxton’s Blog finds it utterly delightful that hideous, violent intolerance has committed political and popular suicide while attempting murder. Militant Islam, learn from this! God is not on your side. And nobody else is either. A school girl will stop you.

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