Thai Days: Bruce Kekule and his black panther.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a great deal of sympathy with Bruce on this one. Here he is. In Thailand. In a forest. And there! In front of him! Is a panther, a black leopard (or as he , rather boringly but accurately, describes it a “melanistic” cat).

What a moment!

And what happens?

His bloody camera stops working.

Bruce, if you haven’t met him before on this blog is one of the Kingdom’s finest and most intrepid wildlife and nature photographers. He’s a Vietnam vet and instead of going barmy and suffering various post traumatic things has photographed animals and places that boggle belief.
My heart goes out to him. A black panther! Or a melanistic leopard – quite frankly who gives a damn! – the point is that there it was!

And his kit let him down.

A classic case of the one that got away!

Photography is like that.

An absolute bastard!

Unless it suddenly works! And then how very very wonderful it is!

Cheers from Bangkok!

Hugh! And over to Bruce!

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