Thai Days: Thai starter is called Miang Khum – Thai betel leaf parcels


Here’s how to do it at home. A serious labour of love and rather hard work assembling all the ingredients. But worth the effort!

In Thailand, the sensible thing is find somebody cooking it for you. Thais love cooking, eating, snacking and I remember a Hugh Paxton, long ago, having a look at a street engulfed in steam, smoke, sizzles, flames from dancing woks and Mad Max extras on scooters weaving through, clad in balaclavas and orange jackets. I was young, a trifle daunted and through the merry bedlam saw some golden arches. I knew I’d be safe there. Ronald would be waiting and with him his menu.

I made for that security. Then I bumped into one of those irritating old farts who live here drink a lot and who have three young women staple gunned to each shoulder. “Is the food safe?” I asked.

“Do you see anyone dying?”

No. I didn’t see that.

“Tuck in mate, and stop being such a pouf!”

Australians have many faults but failing to get directly to the point isn’t one of em. I call a spade a digging implement. They call a spade what it is.

I threw caution to the wind and ate this and that and that and the other and some sort of wotsit and a thingummyjig and woke up the next day in the best of health.

It’s been like that ever since.

A burger is comfort food and is a welcome source of refuge. A pizza is a friend. And Starbucks serves a decent cup of Joe! But the brawl and broil of Thai street food is well worth a tuck in!

Here’s the recipe.

My next post is a where to go. Should you live here.

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