Je suis Charlie National Front


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is quite happy to be Charlie for a while. I didn’t like their cartoons very much – a bit vulgar – but I’m sorry they all got shot. It must have been very frightening.

The dimwits responsible for the murders have unleashed a passionate response from the French that bodes ill for Jihad and for Moslems in general.

The jihadists are currently cooling their heels in a morgue. At the expense of the French tax payer.

Rather a pointless burst of horror.

But that’s jihad for you. Pointless.

It might be a good idea if disgruntled Moslems went to a Moslem country and worshipped there.

Islam has its place and its adherents should know their place.

If the nation they have elected to live in is not to their satisfaction they should go to country that is. As opposed to blowing up the country they have chosen to live in.

Europe really doesn’t need ugly pizza delivery boys who dream of paradise and killing Jews and infidels.

Bon Voyage Jihadi! And f***k off!

You are loathed and despised. I’m not sure how much the jihadis know this.

In South East Asia Moslems live in precarious circumstances and this sort of incident simply confirms the idea that Moslems are a bad bunch and prone to explode for no apparent reason. Indonesia and Malaysia have loads of Moslems. The south of Thailand has quite a lot of Moslems. They keep shooting monks and teachers. They are not popular.

Let’s imagine that a whole bunch of Christians living in Islamic states started blowing things up, capturing hostages, sawing their heads off, stealing their children for sale in slave markets and demanding an immediate conversion by everybody to the true religion. What would happen?

Lawyers? Any sort of law? Naah!

One last thing, and it is worth pointing out. The West strikes me as extremely anxious to placate the Moslem community. This is to avoid an anti- foreigner backlash. The last thing any politically correct person wants (for some reason) is a surge in sympathy for the Far Right. The National Front.

The media is drenching us with interviews. Loads of nice Moslems running shops and being pillars of the community. How sweet! Reconciliation! Let’s love each other!

I’ll buy that bullshine when every mosque in France buys a pot of paint and slathers it on its walls or minaret. “Je suis Charlie!”

Until that time I shall regard Islam with all the suspicion it deserves. And I will be National Front!


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