Thai Days: Childrens Day


Hugh Paxton’s Blog rates Children’s Day a success in Thailand. It was yesterday incidentally, in case the celebration of youth world-wide escaped your notice. I confess that it escaped mine. Perhaps I am becoming dozy, slow, losing my edge, but I passed lots of clowns and happy children with balloons and there was an overdose of music and yowling in public areas and it wasn’t until 9 AM or thereabouts that I thought, “This is really irritating! What’s all this noise about and I really wish these clowns would stop trying to be funny and get out of my face!”

BLOG ED NOTE: Stop being a sour puss! Clowns are funny! They have silly shoes, their cars fall apart, every kid who sees one starts screaming and urinates while running for its mummy. If they start crying people buy pictures of them doing it. And they fall over and throw pies at each other and do that sort of thing.

HUGH: Yes. Hilarious. May I continue?

BLOG ED: You will whether I like it or not.

HUGH: You’ve got that right. Naff off! I think I’ve covered Clowns to my satisfaction. Let’s move on to Days.

There are lots of ‘Days’. Every day seems to be a day reserved for something. We only have 365 of them. Double booking seems inevitable and confusing.

Coral reef day, refugee day, black people who have been offended day, gay day, people who have no sense of smell day, bored over-paid UN dopes deciding on days day, we have an abundance of days.

The King of Thailand rose to this particular day by giving toys and educational material to children. I really like this King. He, and my most respected royal, Charles, are kindred spirits. They are inventive. They are progressive. They care. A neighbor pointed out the King was one of the richest men in the world, owned most of Bangkok and hadn’t done anything helpful since the 1960s. I really can’t comment on this. If I did I’d get a three year jail term for insulting the monarchy. The last thing I’d want to do!

The Thai Police have a well deserved reputation for cocking things up. Childrens Day. Let’s get back to that! They paraded a man who raped and killed a nine-year-old child for a crime re-enactment. The deviant had been drinking and watching pornography on his phone then confessed but the police decided to recreate the scene anyway. The media love these recreations. Easy photos. They came with cameras and a lynch mob turned up with murder in mind. 200 police attempted to calm things down. I think the crime was re-created. And the criminal escaped with his life. Not that he has much to look forward to. Mind you that little girl has nothing to look forward to. She’s dead.

This incident aside, Children’s Day was a hit.

Cheers! Hugh!



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