Thai Days: Traffic paralyis beckons for city


Hugh Paxton’s blog saw this Bangkok Post headline and thought OK.

It’s at a stand still already. If traffic paralysis is the next step forward thanks to “transport mega projects” designed by the Transport Ministry “to add a jolt to the nation’s flagging economy” then I’ll walk.

“Anticipating an increase in traffic congestion in the city, Transport Minister ACM Prajin Juntong, has ordered transport authorities to find solutions.”

But! There’s always a but!

“But I cannot go into details.”

Thanks Juntong! Really helpful! You “Where’s my driver? I’m late for dinner! My guard? Oh, my wife. Can we find her?” politician.

Police will be re-directing traffic and taking responsibility for areas where construction is taking place. And while they aren’t doing that they’ll be extorting money from confused drivers.

The plans are extravagant! And will jolt things along. Highways, railways, hot air balloons (no, that one failed and I think it was rather impractical and it cost a lot but couldn’t fly) there will be lots of building using slave labour. There are bicycle routes.

I’m walking.



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