Je Suis Charlie 3 million times with a prophet on the cover


Hugh Paxton’s Blog loves a complete balls up committed by horrible people. And balls ups don’t come more complete than this!

The French Islamist assassins have boosted the circulation of the satirical magazine, Charlie Hebdo, beyond any publisher’s wildest dreams! Bravo! I wish the terrs hadn’t been shot dead and could see the results of their hard work.

Three million copies of Charlie Hebdo coming out today. Up from 60,000 last printing.

I suspect the next edition’s print run might be higher still. There’s a picture of

The Prophet on the front cover. That should make for stimulating reading come Friday Prayers.

I must pick up a copy.

I’ve often wondered what the guy looked like and why it is a criminal offence to depict him in any form whatsoever. Did he have warts? A trunk and two tusks? Birthmarks shaped like Moses? Was he ruggedly handsome or just plain plug ugly? Why this coyness and urge to kill anybody who draws a picture of him?

Go Charlie, go! Let the world have a look at him! Or your version of him.



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