A vietcong view of a US tank


Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks this is quite a striking picture of a tank. There were also a bunch of VCs in the image but Annabel, our photographer, didn’t like the look of them and they got edited. She thought they were sneaky. I think that was the point of the painting. But only a moron starts an argument with his daughter. Anyway no VCs on view. If you want to see them check out the Hanoi art museum. It’s brilliant! Very few people go there, the old buzzard by the back door is so rude and hideous she deserves her own portrait or at the very least a round of applause or a punch in the face. The rest of the rather rambling establishment is just great fun.

If you are In Hanoi? Don’t miss it. Wonderful stuff on display! Really wonderful!

There’s a shop. If you are feeling wealthy it’s definitely worth a go. Budget backpackers skip it. Don’t ruin your Vietnam visit with thoughts of what might have been purchased and framed and hung on your wall! Come to think of it, just download the tank.



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2 Responses to “A vietcong view of a US tank”

  1. buffalotanya Says:

    Thanks for sharing the haunting photo, Hugh. I’m so jealous of your Vietnam trip. My cousin from England enjoyed visiting there many times. Now, she is living in Costa Rica and I want to make a grand trip to visit her and then over to Arcos to visit Collum Muccio!

    In honor of your trip, I thought I would share this video that I edited with my (British) uncle’s photos and my husband’s jazz music: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wKqMAmdcsak

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