Thai Days: And Namibia!


Just in case you’ve forgotten what Namibia looks like, here’s a brief reminder. Thanks esteemed brother, Charles, for reminding me!

I am going back in April for my own personal reminder. I sincerely hope that when I get there my houses will look in better shape than the miner’s camp.

I don’t have a ship. But, if I did, I’d steer clear of the Skeleton Coast. Some people don’t. They get confused by the fog and join a Cape fur seal colony. The results are, by and large, catastrophic. And offer great photo opportunities!

It’s a great country to visit and I enjoyed living there. But it’s politically a bit muddled and the government doesn’t like white people. A mistake in my opinion. Hugh Paxton’s Blog will no longer receive submissions from Andre and Brigitte. From Namibia. They are being turfed out. Permanent resident visa denied. We’ll hear from then when they forge a new life in the RSA. Hermanus. Whale watching capital of the world. I look forward to hearing from them, wish they hadn’t been kicked out in April! June would have been perfect! I’d been planning to borrow their car!

But into each life some rain must fall.



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