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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has only seen a pangolin once. I was eight years old and my mother hurried me away. It was wrapped in string to stop it struggling and was being lowered into a pot of boiling water in Singapore for medicinal purposes. At the time I was too young and dumb and helpless to do anything about it. Mum was being what a good mum does. Shielding her offspring from observing and being exposed to horrible things. I saw what was going on but didn’t understand it. I felt it was wrong in a way but I couldn’t intervene and I was bustled off. I hope the people who ate that pangolin choked on it. Pangolins are still being boiled but here’s the good news. There is that wonderful thing out there! A pangolin champion! Read on! Before you do, I must add one more thing. Champions are some of the most powerful messengers when it comes to helping living things and stop bad behaviour.

Famous people are the most effective. Jackie Chang hit Hong Kong with a bit of help from his friends in the Environmental Investigation Agency (EIA – check their website) and made a tremendous difference. This Vietnamese champion of pangolins is also making a difference. My profound belief is that everybody can be a champion. Being famous is an asset but everybody knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody else. Chuck a small pebble into a big sea and you will make waves. Get chucking! If you read this blog you are probably already doing it!

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Trade In Pangolins Supports Criminal Networks Warns Public Service Announcement

by charlespaxton

Wildopeneye is pleased to see that Education For Nature Vietnam has completed and released their first pangolin Public Service Announcement, before the Chinese New Year when wildlife trade and consumption tend to peak in Vietnam.

According to the ENV press release the PSA features popular news anchor Hoai Anh, calling upon the Vietnamese public to report any pangolin crimes and to recognize that “if you buy pangolin scales or eat pangolin meat in restaurants, you are directly supporting these criminal networks.” The PSA will be broadcast on over 50 television channels across Vietnam.

You can view the PSA with English subtitles through this link

ENV thanks all who have made donations that enabled production of this important film. Between 2012 and the end of 2014, ENV documented more than 34.3 tons of frozen pangolins and pangolin scales seized by authorities in Hai Phong alone where Vietnam’s major seaport is located .

ENV says there is still much more to be done in Vietnam to increase the public’s awareness of the plight of this endangered animal and hopes that this pangolin PSA will both encourage people to report pangolin crimes, as well as help reduce the demand for pangolins.

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