Something musical from Tanya and her man in Colorado


Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this from my old friend, Tanya Ishikawa. We spent long hours attending festivals and that sort of thing raising funds for worthy eco-projects in Tokyo and its environs.

Didn’t raise much but met good people and as soon as I set up my stall selling fridge magnets to raise funds for sea turtles in C America it was a pretty surefire guarantee of heavy rain.

The music’s a moody bit of blood spattered blues put together by Tanya’s Japanese husband. Very Vietnam. Anti-war. Quite a lot of trombone!

If you want to check out Tanya it’s very straightforward. The internet. She’s been busy! I want her to be sitting in the Oval office and running things properly. The day may come!

If you want the music try

Cheers! From Bangkok!


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