Nepal’s top wildlife criminal nabbed in Malaysia


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is glad this rogue has been found. Some sort of very lengthy term in jail (life, for example dangling in chains and without food or water) might be a good idea.

I’ve been to Chitwan and it is a magnificent national park. One can rock and roll on top of an elephant observing lush forest left, right and all around, and far away the ice and snow of the distant Himalaya mountains. While I was on an elephant I was suddenly bombarded with hail. The stuff was the size of marbles. Impact hurt! Back at the lodge they filled buckets full and used it to freshen drinks. A splendid idea.

The highlight is the rhinos. They are big, look as if they are wearing the sort of cumbersome leather armor issued to peasants in the 100 years war, and they rumble along without fear.

How lovely it is to be on an elephant crossing a river with rhinos very close. The elephant is standing his ground, the rhino is standing his. Both are wary, potentially aggressive, but neither want a brawl.

The man you will see in the INTERPOL report that follows will wreck this. He’ll kill all the rhinos. For what? A new car? A bigger house? Despicable. Congratulations say I to all the coppers and INTERPOL who stopped this stain on humanity. Chitwan without its rhinos? Like Egypt without pyramids, France without cheese, England without fish and chips…

The illegal wildlife trade makes life so much poorer. And have a good look at the picture of the man who wants to do it. A greedy little, ugly, nasty weed of a man. Personally speaking I’d just bang him on the head. But INTERPOL doesn’t approve of that approach!


From: INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate []
Sent: Tuesday, February 17, 2015 12:57 AM
Subject: Nepal’s top wildlife criminal nabbed in Malaysia

Dear Colleagues,
Please find below the latest press release issued by INTERPOL. Other language versions will be published on the INTERPOL website as they become available.
Best regards,

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