A must for teachers and students interested in human welfare and the environment: ParkTalk Series — Protected Areas and Development just released


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests this lot is well worth watching. Free, to the point, informative and each talk is short and makes sense. I think this series should be used by teachers world wide to bring experts and opinions into the classroom. Without the bother and expense of inviting them.

From: Midori Paxton [mailto:midori.paxton@undp.org]

ParkTalk series is launched!

Subject: Launching ParkTalk Series — Protected Areas and Development
Importance: High

Dear Colleagues,

Like me, you must often watch TED Talks –perhaps covering your work areas or on other topics of personal interest.

Now UNDP is proud to launch the ParkTalk Series – a collection of 71 professionally filmed and edited videos from selected sessions at the 4th World Parks Congress (WPC) held in Sydney in November 2014, available on YouTube. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-KOkIyprmsuavAE5BMDp2A/videos

We have 43 presentations and 6 plenary videos in the line-up by prominent presenters from a large number of different organisations around the world, telling us their stories. We also have 22 interview videos with eminent individuals.

Each video is short on average 9 minutes, allowing us and people all over the world to get new ideas and learn about global efforts for making protected area work for people and nature.

The playlist view will allow you to see the videos under different themes.

I strongly suggest watching them in your own time. I assure you that a 10-minute investment in this will have a payoff.

Warm regards,

Nik Sekhran

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