Charlie’s Brighton Biogasser blog is back …! And Colombian drug cartels and William.C.Rempel of the LA Times. And hippos.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is very glad to see Charlie Clarke back in the blogging business! He’s what I would call a good sort, ethical, gentlemanly, thoughtful and he left me with half a ton of books when he decided that life in England might be more suitable for his family than life in Bangkok. He urged me to read all the books and I have failed him in that regard. There are still one or two left to go.

But I’ll get there.

I’m currently reading “At the Devil’s Table” by William C. Rempel, an LA Times reporter. It’s a rather vivid, fiercely honest look into to the Cali and Escobar cartels. Colombia. Drugs. Huge amounts of money, wild plans, manic behavior, careful planning, silly bombs, air crashes, assassinations, paranoia, British mercenaries wrecking hotel bedrooms and fighting each other and FARC communist terrs, corruption, hatred, sentimentality, blood lust and affection. Also hippos.

Escobar’s hippos escaped from his private zoo after he was done and dusted by his opponents. Apparently they are breeding well and there is some debate about what to with them. They are an invasive species.

My daughter thinks hippos will add interest to Colombia and are unlikely to multiply beyond the occasional pond or creek or major river. She also thinks putting them in a zoo would stifle their style.

I think she’s right. We can become a bit unworldly when it comes to invasive species. Should all America’s horses be returned to their rightful place of origin? And taking the idea a step further should people be shipped back to their homelands. I can’t think of a more destructive invasive alien species than humans.

But I digress! The point of this blog is to re-introduce Charlie Clarke to the blogging world!

Here he is! And very modest!

Dear friends, family and blog-followers old and new!

Some of you may know – even remember – that I used to write blogs. One or two of you even have read them, and my Uncle Peter actually used to really enjoyed them … apparently (though he is ever such a polite person so I can’t be totally sure…!)

Anyway, after a rather protracted absence from the blogosphere, I’m staging a comeback. Why? For therapeutic purposes more than anything, really. And because it’s one of my new year’s resolutions…

So … here’s is a link to a new post which is on the Brighton Biogasser blog site : Birthday cards and the end of the letterbox? If you’ve nothing better to do, have a read and (hopefully) enjoy … !

I plan to send out the occasional email with any new blogs via this email, but don’t worry, they will only be occasional, and this email only replies to me (it’s not a circular!). But if you don’t want them you can always unsubscribe below, or drop me a line … I really won’t be offended!

All the best!


charlie clarke


email: charlie.clarke


twitter: @biogasser

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