Indonesian death by drugs – why not death by corruption and environmental murder?


Hugh Paxton’s Blog thinks that the law is the law. If you want to smuggle 5 kilos of heroin into a country you are breaking an explicit law and know the consequences. You will, if all goes wrong, which it will, be executed.

Here’s an idea! Don’t do it!

I would like Indonesia to expand its death penalty to include corrupt politicians, judges, cops, the vicious commercial interests that continue to destroy the country’s remaining pristine forests to expand their foul palm oil plantations and those who continue to promote the rape and theft of marine resources.

If Indonesia hangs or shoots these people I want to see more hangings ahead!

The criminals who will die for drugs are guilty and I won’t argue with that. Sorry fellows! You took a chance to bring in poison in exchange for money for yourselves. Disgusting greed!

But Indonesia needs a lot more gibbets.


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