My lunch and Why I think Vietnamese should eat my dog


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has a beagle. Its name is Buggly.

They say a dog is not for Christmas. It’s for life.

What they don’t say is that everybody who loves the dog is at school and is too tired to walk it when they come back and are grumpy, or they are at work or in Bhutan and the poor bastard who has to live with the dog and is working at home is stuck with it.

Here is what happened to my lunch. I won’t bother you with the wanton canine destruction that has mutilated all my furniture and chewed even my most treasured possessions into splinters and ruin.

My lunch!

A carefully prepared lunch consisting of crisp, perfect toast – I mean PERFECT toast! – topped with just a kiss of butter then a virile application of very expensive German liver pate (chunky in places, soft and melting in others and very well- seasoned) topped with watercress, fresh tomato delicately sliced, a pinch of mixed herbs, and some Sichuan black pepper (buy it if you see it, it’s got fizz!) and a squeeze of lemon juice, just a tiny encounter with dry Martini. And on a bed of fresh greens enlivened by frisky capers with that lovely vinegar tang and moody but memorable pitted black olives and, to add that, an romantic touch of distant South American wave battered shores, an anchovy.

What does the beagle do? It waits until some git rings the doorbell and the questing hound quietly enters the house and gulps the whole lot down in one. Then it breaks the plate looking for more.

In Vietnam they know what to do with dogs. Apparently it’s very healthy. But only at the end of the month. Eat dogs prematurely it is just plain bad luck.

There has just been a crash, again, and it’s there, my brunch. On the floor. And it has been worried at and slaughtered and there the dog is – looking eager, tongue out, ears flicking, love me, love me! Feed me! Feed me!

Why do people like dogs? Because they are more responsive than gold fish, wives, lovers, husbands or orchids? Because they are friends?

I don’t want to make friends with a bloody beagle! More of this behavior and Buggly’s looking at a bus for Hanoi!

In a box. With three hundred fellow howlers for company. And four broken legs.

Happens all the time. All the time.

Hugh from Bangkok


Love to you all from us all in Bangkok!

From: Jane [mailto:beechtree1]
Sent: Tuesday, February 24, 2015 5:01 AM
To: Hugh Paxton; Charles Paxton
Subject: GERALD

Terrific story
..we re-read it and the boys were howling for chapter 4 but they will get that tomorrow! I encouraged Farve across for it and he enjoyed it too.
We have had sickness and a tricky few.days but recovering.
I would like to write a story for Annabel when I get some time…I will try and get started tomorrow, even if it’s just a paragraph!Love Jane xxxx

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