China Suspends Carved African Elephant Ivory Imports


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is delighted to hear that the ivory trade has received another well-deserved kick in the cobblers. Thailand is joining in. With the military in charge we are likely to see some results. End of April, anybody not registering their ivory will face jail terms and fines. Bangkok’s jails are harsh, ghastly.

Why trade five years of your life in hell because you wanted some money and a long way down the line an elephant was killed?

It bemuses me. Really does.

If China gets serious then this is important. It might even offer hope!


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Subject: China Suspends Carved African Elephant Ivory Imports



China Suspends Carved African Elephant Ivory Imports

Decision applauded by Humane Society International, which encourages China to implement a permanent ban

(Feb. 26, 2015)—In response to the Chinese government’s announcement that it will suspend the importation of carved African elephant ivory effective until Feb. 26, 2016, Iris Ho, director of wildlife for Humane Society International, issued the following statement:

“This announcement is an encouraging signal that the Chinese government is ratcheting down the import of African elephant ivory into the country. We are hopeful that more meaningful actions are being considered by the leadership and relevant government agencies of China that will further strengthen the country’s efforts on combating the elephant poaching and ivory trafficking crisis. We also encourage China and other countries to permanently ban domestic ivory trade and destroy all confiscated ivory stockpiles.”


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