Wildlife Trafficking Arrests: FW: INTERPOL encourages global action on World Wildlife Day


Although World Wildlife Day was yesterday Hugh Paxton’s Blog is only now getting a stream of press releases. They are no less useful for being a bit late. As far as I am concerned every day should be World Wildlife Day. Here are some encouraging arrest statistics from INTERPOL. Mind you the criminal wildlife trade is a hydra – cut one head off and two new ones grow to replace it – so INTERPOL still has its work cut out.

From: INTERPOL Environmental Security Sub-Directorate [mailto:environmentalcrime@interpol.int]
Sent: Wednesday, March 04, 2015 1:40 AM
To: paxton.bkk@gmail.com
Subject: INTERPOL encourages global action on World Wildlife Day

Dear Colleagues,
Please find below the latest press release issued by INTERPOL. Other language versions will be published on the INTERPOL website as they become available.
Best regards,

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