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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has often wondered about oscillatory and trepidatory earthquakes. What I wondered, as I hunkered down under a Tokyo table after making sure all doors were open ( an open door provides strength – something to do with doors don’t ask me why, just leave em open) I wondered what is going to bring this building down on my head? Oscillatory? Or Trepidatory?

I think the real moment of truth struck home while I was attempting to explain why English detective stories were interesting. There was an earthquake. 46 spoiled, plump Japanese girls went amok. This one has to be trepidatory I thought. Or Oscillatory?

“Under your desks you bloated piglets!” I explained at full volume. Nobody cared, they were wetting their pants, falling over each other and opening the door was an impossibility. It was a hog jam of Japanese fatties. I quit the job a fortnight later. I respect brave people and there’s no damn way I’ll waste another hour of my life teaching silly slabs of feminine finishing school with not an ounce of bravery in their flab and make-up . Not one of the girls helped another girl. It was rather disgusting. I rocked and rolled at my desk rescued twenty plus minus and thought, these are dreadful little people. Intellectual dwarves, selfish and the first thing they race to keep safe is their Louis Vuitton bags. Trepidatory! It’s got to be!

I quit my job at the other finishing school. Same thing. Pretty as pictures, but smear away the make up and there isn’t a whole lot to see. They were brighter but the girls were cut from the same cloth. What narked me was that these girls were rich, had kitchens and patient chefs but couldn’t cook, had golf lessons but couldn’t hold a club, and when there was an earthquake they had no thought for others, no coherent plan, just a panic selfish ruinous rush. Handbags flailing. Urine again noticeable.

Nah, thought I ! This isn’t a future. These women are incapable. I left them to their futures.

I exited that world with relief, Hugh Paxton teaching at a Japanese young lady’s finishing school?

It’s like letting Adolf loose with three hundred browns into a synagogue.

I don’t miss any of the girls, even the ones who sent me love letters and had plans to marry me. Fat chance!

Here is all you need to know about earthquakes. Andre is Andre and there are breasts involved. Purely to illustrate his scientific point, I think.

It’ll teach you about earthquakes! And, yes, some breasts are part of the lecture!

It’s a bit complex. But that’s science and geology for you.

Cheers from Bangkok! Read on and learn!


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Recently, Christchurch , and then Japan , had terrible earthquakes with lots of after-shocks. They were caused by Tectonic plates moving under unbelievable pressure.

Some were thought to be Oscillatory, while others were believed to be Trepidatory. It occurred to me that most people might be confused about this, so I thought it wise to let everyone know the difference.

What’s the difference between an Oscillatory and a Trepidatory earthquake ?

1. Now, this calculation is just for engineers. If you are competent in this field, this should explain it.

2. However, this one is for the layman and, having access to

your e-mailed offerings in the past, you should get the picture straight away.

This is a trepidatory earthquake — an up-and-down movement…..

This is an oscillatory earthquake — a side-to-side movement…

And this is a combination of both trepidatory and oscillatory !!

Now honestly, isn’t science beautiful when properly explained ?

What are friends for ?

Class is dismissed

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