Sweet Home Louisiana: Another of my brother’s neighbours.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if you are short of sugar this is another of my brother’s neighbours who won’t be of much help. He (or could be a she) might feel generous and share some ants. Sugar? Not a prospect. The gator (see earlier post) definitely wasn’t an option.

I suspect that this brother’s neighbours thing might turn out to be quite a lengthy series. He seems to have hundreds! And none have sugar you can borrow!

If you are new to this blog, beloved brother Charles left Japan for England then left England for Louisiana and settled into a wrecked trailer with his revered wife, Kimmie, and a swamp and forest. Far away but still audible are a clan of rednecks but they are too busy inbreeding to be much trouble.

My brother’s spread has a name I like!

Crawfish Springs.

Look forward to meeting more of my brother’s neighbours soon! Bring your own sugar!

Sooner, I hope, rather than later, we may receive a photo of a crawfish!


Hugh in Bangkok

PS It might be an idea to introduce you to some of MY neighbours. They are at times beautiful, bothersome, upon occasion potentially fatal. Annabel, my irritating but irreplaceable and most loved daughter almost picked up a white-lipped pit viper thinking it was the strap on her school bag. She really is muddle-headed at times. It was by the bag but was the wrong colour and school bag straps don’t rear up and assume strike pose. Jesus please us! She didn’t pick it up and nobody went to an early grave. I caught the snake assisted by lots of yelling from my gals which really pissed it off. Stuck it in a bucket and took it to pastures new. There’s a wasteland with a haunted house behind my back wall. I always put snakes there. They don’t come back. Lots of rats, food, places to lurk. Bout as good as it gets if you are a viper. Or a python. I have yet to see a King cobra. Those chaps look like trouble.

I’ll work on that ‘my neighbours’ project!

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