The devil’s claw in bloom.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog prides itself on sending unpredictable photos, and here’s one. The devils claw. The flower is bright and vulgar and has colour. The root is utter agony. It is the nastiest most painful root I have ever encountered. Everything about it is designed to cling to a hyena’s fur and spread its territory. I have two of these in my living room given to me by a Bushman near Ghanzi.

They gather dust. Who would try and dust them? Far too painful and complicated. A maze of spikes and torture!

Some people think they are medicinal. Chinese as usual.

Best left where they are – in the Kalahari. No miracle cures in a Devil’s Claw.

But as plants go, memorable! Look. Don’t touch!

Cheers! Hugh in Bangkok!

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2 Responses to “The devil’s claw in bloom.”

  1. Jane Woodstrover Says:

    It looks like a sweet pea flower!

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      It does! But there isn’t a great deal of sweetness about it. No peas in a sweet pea either! And crab eating seals don’t eat crabs. The world, my beloved sister! Confusing! But whoever named the Devil’s Claw got it spot on! Even our dog can’t eat them! Hope all’s well!

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