Sweet Home Louisiana: My brother’s neighbours


Hugh Paxton’s Blog would like to have these neighbours. The hummer is the first neighbour to arrive looking for sugar! Charlie’s always been a sucker. He gives it honey. Diluted in a small feeder. I love humming birds. They are so improbable.

OK, that’s where we are right now.

If Charles and Kimmie want to borrow sugar from a neighbor they will need to keep looking.

If humming birds want to eat sugar they know where to go. Crawfish Springs! And they’ll flit, zoom, hum in front of the kitchen window until they get it.

The red bird is just very very red, knows it, and flaunts it! If you’ve got it, why not?

I don’t think it likes sugar.

But it’s just outside the kitchen. Perhaps it wants something else?

Cheers from Bangkok! Hugh!

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