Sweet Home Louisiana: My Brother’s neighbours. The Edinburgh undercity. And ghost detecting devices.


No sugar to borrow here. Not even a neighbour, unless you count the rocking chair. Hugh Paxton’s Blog finds this place intriguing. My brother’s word was “spooky.” Charles and his revered wife, Kimmie, forgot to bring their ghost detector.

I’ve only seen this gadget in action once. But although I was initially skeptical it seemed to know what it was doing.

It became hyperactive in the dank maze of Edinburgh’s abandoned under-city – now that is really spooky! If you are in Edinburgh and don’t suffer from claustrophobia definitely have an explore! A guide is an excellent idea. It’s the nastiest place in Scotland with a history drenched in filth, depravity and horror!

Plague and a plethora of other diseases, body snatching, tunnels dug to the Edinburgh medical dissection school to provide fresh cadavers to anatomy lecturers, murder, wild orgies, rape, cannibalism, moonshine stills, plots of rebellion, miserable refugees, no sanitation…about all that could go on went on down there.

Eventually the Edinburgh authorities decided to build a new city on top of it, hoping it would go away. It hasn’t. But its residents have. They’ve been dead for many decades. Tourists upon occasion run out screaming. If you possess a ghost detector this is a grand spot to give it a test!

Or, if haggis and rain and falling down slimy stairs in pitch darkness aren’t your thing, give Louisiana a go!

I think that any self-respecting ghost detector might become very busy if pointed at this Louisiana rocking chair!

More of my brother’s neighbours to come shortly!

Cheers from Hugh, Bangkok! My neighbours are currently builders. Noisy ones. They don’t merit a photo. And I’ve had enough of their two months audio! You don’t want to hear it either.

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