Thai Days: Be the Hunter not the Hunted. The New CLA Shooting Brake


Hugh Paxton’s Blog simply could not ignore a magazine advertisement like this.

“Be the Hunter not the Hunted. The New CLA Shooting Brake.”

Beneath this, there was a picture of a BMW car.

And further text!

“In a city where adventure awaits at every corner, CLA 250 Shooting Brake AMG Sport senses the challenge.”

A ridiculous suggestion! Around every corner in Bangkok there is just another traffic jam. Adventure is available but you need to walk to find it. Not sit in a car called The New CLA Shooting Brake.

“With its swooping roofline and striking curves, there is an unmistakeable athleticism about it.”

Cars. Athletics? Un-mistakeable? Nobody can spell that word. Why try?

There was more yet to come!

“What’s more, its sleek interior and rear capacity make the CLA Shooting Brake perfect for the hunt.”

“Mercedes-Benz. The Best or Nothing.”

I hope they haven’t called their car ‘the shooting brake’. But that’s what is says on its number plate.

I’d go for something less unwieldy. I’d call it Jerry. Or The Fred. Or The Jam. Or Bert!

Or Tantrum. Road rage. Boredom.

But if they have decided to call it The Shooting Brake and dub it the hunter it’s their car and they’ll have to sell it!

Cheers! Hugh from Bangkok!

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