Thai Days: Builders next dooor (for two months)


There once was a man with a drill

The noise made me feel very ill,

From morning till night

No end was in sight,

I’m mild but right now I could kill!

A fellow turned up with a hammer,

Thud, crash, 6AM and a slammer,

Bang, bang, and then more.

Thud, clump, breaking glass, that bloke with the drill joined in and three women arrived playing a radio and yelling, the roof was ripped off and then replaced. With the same roof. Three guys started smashing tiles.

Two months of this cacophony! They still haven’t refurbished the house next door. It was fine when my neighbours fled because of tormenting construction work volume down the lane. No wonder my limericks don’t rhyme!

It is just a little bit too much, it starts and stops! Like the Chinese water torture! It’s the waiting that drives you mad. Half an hour there is quiet, birds sing, and you stretch, yawn, scratch, and there it is! My garden! Thailand! Then the drill gets going again.


I can’t think of anything else that rhymes with hammer.

This is the abyss!

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