$2,000 per image – RF: Quirky Relationships b/t Dogs & Their Owners


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that if you have a dog you have lots of options.

1. Sell it to Vietnam with an animal rights activists image attached to its flailing tail. They’ll find it funny.

2. Look after it. Nobody else will.

3. Take a photo and earn 2,000 dollars. Then sell the noisy little bastard to the Vietnamese.

Here are the dollar details. My advice? Don’t fake it! A good shot. Honesty. And some originality

Best from Hugh in Bangkok and thanks to my esteemed brother, Charles, for bringing this opportunity to our attention!


From: Charles Paxton
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: FW: $2,000 per image – RF: Quirky Relationships b/t Dogs & Their Owners

Here’s a new Brief matching your genres.
New Brief
Major US agency

$2,000 USD, per image

RF: Quirky Relationships b/t Dogs & Their Owners
We need imagery that feels raw, authentic and quirky!

-Unexpected, charming, quirky artful portrayals of relationships that people have with dogs that are full of energy.
-A dog that is overly friendly, perhaps getting too close to the owner, kisses, licks, just over all the dog and owner as best friends.
-Small energetic dogs. We’re thinking jack russels jumping around with their owners. But any small dog will do.

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