Hugh Paxton’s Blog Rides Again! Yeehaa!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog apologizes to all regular readers and visitors to this blog for my absence.

I quit. I was sulky, the world was complex with ludicrous obstacles and I thought that this blog was wasting my time, thwarting my ascent, and that if I stopped the Blog I would get more things done.

I did. I did get things done. But they couldn’t be described as useful.

I am resuming my blog! Here are some reasons why:

a) The Netflix/youtube issue. For long, naïve years, I ordered DVDs from Amazon and then they started not to arrive or were impounded by customs in a post office down by the docks. Screw that! Rats, whores, taxes, a solar eclipse, mucky shoes, sullen cops smoking and a smell of fish and crabs and diesel. It’s fine in its way if you want a job, a fight, a fresh off the boat stolen and fried feast of squid on a makeshift grill or a dingy fuck behind a warehouse, but if you are there to pick up an Amazon DVD and pay ten dollars tax on its import then this jollity gets in your face. Gulls understand. They swoop and jeer and steal then ride off with a cry with somebody’s internal organs. A taxi driver just takes one look at you and flicks off. Hours to get there, hours to get out. I wave 500 – an outrageous amount – and that gets the cabby.

b) I lost faith with Amazon after picking up packages from that intl post office. It wasn’t just the well meaning presents that declared their true value – never send me a present, and if you do, don’t declare its true value! By the time it arrives it will have been smashed beyond repair! Despite having been utterly destroyed it is still as valuable as the price written on the envelope! And I still have to pay the tax. Amazon saved me the time and bother. Nothing arrived. I went. Some thoughtful soul had sent me a cup from Mongolia. Or what might have been a cup from Mongolia. I coughed up my tax. And only two hours later made it home. During my time off the blog I resolved: Stop wasting time with And anything from Mongolia.

c) Amazon was goneI I had told everybody not to mail me presents (nobody does, so no grief) and I felt relief!

d) OK. Here comes temptation! Netflix and Youtube and all the programmes I wanted to watch were at least two hours long. Most were British murder mysteries. Artful. Normally I would be here and there, doing things, but after ten minutes of Inspector Morse being wise and world-weary outside my old college room I found myself wanting to see if he’d actually go into Stanford House. Would there be a dead body in the bed I once graced with my presence? Two hours later after my bed failed to feature there was a sequel. I could have been writing a blog. Instead I was watching these lengthy detective stories.

e) Hugh was becoming a couch potato.

f) I thought this through. Hugh, either watch everything on Netflix and Youtube or write something. Fix the garden, engage with the world and who cares whodunit????


g) Get your blog back into action!

Yes, thought I! Hugh Paxton’s Blog is back! And with a rebel yell! There is a lot to say and it is me – I like saying it!


Long Live Jeremy loudmouth! He is himself. Even my daughter loves him. He’s the rock star of cars and opinions. What is one punch in the face? One ponce, one split lip, one hospital visit. What a nonce that BBC guy.

That BBC director must be wondering who can replace him? I would describe the BBC as boring. And PC to a tiresome extent.


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  1. Stella Says:

    You’re back! Yay! Good to see you!

    I enjoy Top Gear and I always snigger whenever I see these wet, PC types wringing their hands over Clarkson’s latest “offensive” comment. I wish they could spend an evening with my family and some of my friends. They’d probably have a fit. No doubt your family and friends would produce a similar reaction.

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