Thai Days: Dog and daughter – revolting!


I’m about to turn in but before I do, here’s a dog and my daughter. Revolting!


Hugh in Bangkok

2 Responses to “Thai Days: Dog and daughter – revolting!”

  1. livingwildimages Says:

    If you were anything other than an Englishman, for example, an Afrikaner, you would be just perfect. Shame, we can’t choose our genes. Well done, in any case, for being GREAT !!!! Love from Africa (Dries Alberts – I only have 10 000 photographs to submit to your site – contact me !!!)

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      Dries! As rude as ever I see! We wouldn’t have it any other way you hairy arsed Boer bastard! Great to hear from you. By strange coincidence we were talking about you about you and your essays half an hour ago. Drop us am email and lets get that book of yours published if we can. It should have been in print ages ago

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