Sweet Home Louisiana: FW: Slime mould


Hugh Paxton’s blog is really daunted, thwarted, ashamed, by our lack of strange wildlife. Yes, we’ve got monitor lizards, giant turtles, snakes but not very often, birds, bats, rats, small things that run away. Lots of furtive reptiles. I like them. But there’s nothing new!

My beloved brother is in Louisiana and every day something turns up and is interesting. Here we have a slime mould. His! I can’t compete with that! We do have some squirrels and there’s an eel (but I haven’t seen it). My brother intends to make a documentary. I think it might be rather good!

A king cobra might rear up tomorrow but I doubt it. No, the crown for now sits on the proud heads of the denizens of Louisiana!

It is, I must say, very slime. But intriguing. Why is it? What does it do? Is there fun in its life?

It doesn’t look nimble and Charles is there. I hope that he will find out more about his temporary resident swamp thing.



From: Charles Paxton
Sent: Sunday, March 29, 2015 2:17 AM
To: Hugh Paxton
Subject: Slime mould

As promised, here is the longest slime mould I’ve ever seen. It is growing along a vine by the largest spring and dripping itself down on to the leaf litter.

All springs are flowing at the moment and two frogs were sighted down there. Watch out for ‘Slime mould – the movie’. Coming soon.

Love from Barles XXXX

Charles Paxton

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