Annabels story (the ghost dog)


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is proud to present you with a ghost story. A ghost story written by my beloved daughter. I wish you could hear her read it. She starts shy, a bit stumbling, keeps looking up from the paper to see what I’m doing with my face. Smirking? Looking derisive? Bored? Faking approval? Then when she sees I’m just being neutral and potentially interested she stops reading her story and starts TELLING the story.

I remember when I was in Tehran. Old, mysterious men made a living from telling stories. They’d turn up with a carpet or a stool to sit on and candy to sell. Children and adults assembled at speed. I did, too. The stories were in Farsi and I couldn’t understand much but I loved the whole thing.

Annabel won’t become a street story teller. Her current goals in life are to become a football star, a vet, a parks ranger operating anti-poaching patrols, a dancer, every day something new occurs – quite a busy schedule! Right now she’s 11 and by the time she hits working age she’ll no doubt have refined her future career path options. But wherever she goes, whatever she does, I hope that she keeps writing and telling stories.

FYI this story was written in pencil, under teacher supervision and took 45 minutes to complete.

If you haven’t written or read a story recently I suggest now might be a very good time to start!

Cheers from Bangkok!


The ghost dog.docx

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  1. Stella Says:

    I like it! It’s got a great sense of not-quite-right atmosphere.


    Thank you Stella! I will write another one! Annabel

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