Annabel’s Tiger


Hugh Paxton’s Blog still hasn’t finished the Nepal trip write up – it’s a three part story and I want to finish all three before I send part one. If I don’t I know what will happen. I’ll send parts one and two and then something will happen and part three will be delayed, then something else will happen and part three will be delayed again and then weeks will become months of things happening and it will be forgotten. It’s occurred before and irritates readers. Irritates me actually. Won’t happen again. Promise!

To tide you over, here is a tiger painted last night by my beloved daughter, Annabel. We didn’t actually see a tiger in Nepal although we did see lots of spoor; scratch marks on tree trunks used as claw sharpeners much in the same way your cat, if you have one, destroys expensive sofas, scat, and tantalizingly fresh pug marks beside the jungle creeks.

So, alas, no actual tiger but they are there and knowing that they are alive, breeding well, are protected not just by Chitwan national parks staff but by 1,200 Nepalese heavily equipped army personnel , and inspiring little girls to get busy with paint and paper makes me a happy Hugh Paxton.

Cheers from Bangkok!


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