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Hugh Paxton’s Blog suggests that you stop what you are doing and go away somewhere a bit more interesting. With birds. If you are in London that excursion could be no further than your back garden. The city, thanks to everybody sticking bird feeders in their domestic slice of England’s green and pleasant land, has rather organically evolved into one of the principle bird sanctuaries in Europe. If you want to see a toucan, however, you may need to scramble, get air-borne and take flight for more tropic climes. I would strongly suggest Guatemala. Although if you want to see the splendid flashes of colour offered by parakeets you could take a Thames riverside stroll in the vicinity of Hampton Court palace. Andy Luck of sees them on a daily basis while taking his dog for a frolic. I saw them, too. He wasn’t fibbing and they were really an asset. This is story I wrote for All Nippon Airlines. If you missed the flights and the mag, Wingspan, here it is! If you are a fanatic and have two people to carry it for you, buy the book!

Cheers from Hugh! In Bangkok!


PS Nothing proofread as yet or italics set.

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