Brigitte’s Pick: There’s another Hugh Paxton


Hugh Paxton’s Blog finds Brigitte annoying. That’s why I love her. This Hugh Paxton isn’t me. Honestly! It isn’t! I haven’t been to California for ages. The first Hugh Paxton looks dull. Probably nice. The second! Wow! That Hugh Paxton has decided to be different.

Time to suit up in my fairy costume and hang upside down from the fan with candles in my ears. After that I plan to go to bed.


From: Brigitte Alpers []
Sent: Wednesday, April 22, 2015 9:06 PM
To: Hugh Paxton; Andre Gast
Subject: fb

so Hugh

I see you not on facebook? what up with that?

could have mistaken you for this one here (bottom one)..but he lives in California..

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