Our room with a view Kathmandu (three weeks ago)


That was the view from our Kathmandu hotel window three and a half weeks ago. Not the best hotel in the area, but friendly, and you could open the shutters and there was Patan Durbar Square. Now?

See http://thinkprogress.org/world/2015/04/26/3651327/nepal-earthquake/

A crying shame. I fear for our hotel. It was pretty wonky. Even if didn’t collapse and none of the family owners was killed they won’t be taking bookings any time soon. Yes, a crying shame.

2 Responses to “Our room with a view Kathmandu (three weeks ago)”

  1. Andy Says:

    Tragic. Why there of all places, where’s the karma in that?

    • Hugh Paxton Says:

      There isn’t one. Carry on going and doing good deeds and I’ll see you when we are both reincarnated as dung beetles or SNP candidates!

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