Central African Republic Human/Elephant Slaughter FW: New Yorker Link


Hugh Paxton’s Blog got this. A serious horror show starring real life monsters. Ivory for Asia, guns and blood for Africa. A great article, great piece of gonzo journalism, some really brave, big-hearted people and a thoroughbred pack of murderous bastards. It is the latter’s organization that really disturbs me. Homicidal indifference to human life, sadism, a shoot em up mentality – all that I expect from the Jangaweed and the other rot spawned by Sudan’s habitual flirtations with full blown genocide. But organization like this, motivated purely by tusk lust for money (and more guns), is a thoroughly obscene development. The Central African Republic army is obviously out-gunned, out maneuvered and out of its depth. That the CAR president read about this surfeit of atrocities while in Geneva and dispatched more troops is an admirable testament to the long reach of the media as well as his concern over not just the poaching issue but the wanton slaughter of his own people. But it is not enough. This is a prima facie case of fighting fire with superior firepower. The CAR (like neighbouring affected states) doesn’t have it. Other people do. Britain, France, the RSA, private security outfits – they have it. I would suggest anybody reading this writes, not only to their elected political representative but to the CAR’s diplomatic presence (if there is one) in their own country, tactfully bringing the NY Times story and situation to their attention (the CAR embassies will probably be only too painfully aware of it) and suggesting that approaches be made to appropriate parties for military intervention. This is as much a human slaughter as it is an elephant massacre. The blasphemous murder of the Islamic rangers while at prayer should, if the Muslim world has any sense of balance and potential for moral and spiritual outrage, spark at the very least a response equivalent to the fury it can muster when confronted with a cartoon. Enough from me. Brew a pot of coffee or uncork a flask of something stronger –, you’ll need one or the other, probably both; the article is a long one. Every word worth reading. Hugh From: Midori Paxton Sent: Sunday, May 10, 2015 8:57 AM To: Hugh Subject: Fwd: The Elephant Watcher – The New Yorker http://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2015/05/11/elephant-watch

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