Charlie Clarke’s Biogasser Blog: The General Election: Everyone has one vote? Not exactly …


Hugh Paxton’s Blog watched the election campaign in Great Britain and Northern Ireland with a mixture of boredom and déjà vu. The results? Surprising! And at the same not! Our voting system has obstinately shunned proportional representation for obvious reasons – it would result in parliament representing the voters proportionately. Tsk! If that sort of thing went on everybody who was popular would end up in Westminster and we couldn’t have that!

I extend my congratulations to the Conservatives for winning, no sympathy to Labour and that rubber faced class war muppet of theirs,“Red Ed” Milliband, for their collapse, and an indifferent shrug to the Lib Dems. They were routed and who cares? Who ever has?

As for the others? Well, the Scottish National Party bores have applauded themselves quite sufficiently to make any clapping from me redundant and have done very well out of the voting system status quo.

The Greens and UKIP? Both have suffered a grotesque injustice. I won’t explain why. The following link served up by Charlie Clarke of the Biogasser Blog does it better than I could. If you voted UKIP or Green and are still wondering why you and five million other voters like you are still represented by only two members of parliament read on. If you want a succinct summary of how British politics works you might also find the link of interest.

Or if you did vote Green or UKIP, just a bit depressing/intensely frustrating/a very good reason to stand for/vote in local council elections instead.



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Hi all

Here’s my latest blog – on the recent general election here in the UK.

The General Election: Everyone has one vote? Not exactly …

Well … you didn’t really think I’d keep quiet on this one, did you???

Good weekend !


charlie clarke


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