From Charle Clarke: Planet Feed in Pitch to Rich – update: Voting to reopen due to website crash!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog is back in Thailand after an all-too-brief visit to England (more of that in a later post). I didn’t take my computer and didn’t check my mail. It wasn’t that sort of England trip, it was my father’s funeral and I was only over there for a week. Now I am back, it is time to catch up. This mail, from my good friend Charlie Clarke, is one of many that I missed during my absence from the wider world. Worth looking at. It’s a competition. Not one of those Readers Digest-type competitions where you don’t win 250,000 pounds if you subscribe to something you don’t want but a good sort of competition. Good ideas sought for a better world with a million pounds as an incentive and Virgin’s Richard Branson as its mastermind. I think Charlie’s idea is a good one. I certainly empathize and agree. Definitely worth a vote if you have time. I think the competition may just still be open to entries (but I might be wrong and probably am). Have a read and a think. Even if you can’t enter you can still vote and of course any good idea is always worth duplicating in your own neck of the woods no matter how far flung that may be!

Cheers! Hugh back in Bangkok!

From: charlie.clarke []
Sent: Friday, May 08, 2015 8:47 PM
Subject: Planet Feed in Pitch to Rich – update: Voting to reopen due to website crash!

Hi all

Firstly, I just wanted firstly to say thank you SO much to all who voted for my Planet Feed idea in the Pitch to Rich competition, I really was so heartened by the support I received in such a short time!!

It was unfortunately a bit of a shocker when the Pitch to Rich website crashed for the last two days of voting earlier this week – especially for late entrants like me who only had only left themselves a few days over a Bank Holiday weekend to try and rally support! I know a lot of people either tried to vote or couldn’t verify their email but couldn’t which is so frustrating – and I really you appreciate you trying if you did – but in the end I simply couldn’t muster enough votes in such a short time to compete against those who had campaigned for over a month!

However, all is not lost!

Because of the website crash, Pitch to Rich have decided to re-open voting for a couple of days from the 18-20th May, and any unsuccessful entrants that can boost their votes to get past the shortlist threshold will also go through!

Now, I still need 411 more votes , which I know it’s an awful lot. But seeing what has happened in the general election here today, I’m convinced that NOTHING is impossible when it comes to public voting … so I’m going to give it a go!!

Therefore, I’d really appreciate whatever help you can give me to spread the word to your friends, family, colleagues!

Voting only opens on Monday 18th at 10am, so I’ll probably send another email nearer the time as a reminder, but in the meantime PLEASE share the link to our pitch with whoever you can and spread the word on social media if you use it – we’re on:

Our pitch:

Twitter: @planetfeedorg



Thanks so much again to all for your support! And here’s to trying to make the impossible voting event happen … again!



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