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Hugh Paxton’s Blog has heard a lot of people quoting the Koran, using the Koran, exploiting the Koran, but I haven’t met too many people who have read the Koran quite as carefully as Lesley Hazleton, the following Ted Talk speaker. This really is a must if you want to know what all the fuss is about and why, if people actually read the Koran, there wouldn’t be any fuss about it at all and a very great deal less violence. The speaker makes her startling (at least for me) observations with a perfect mix of erudition, wit and (at least for me) utterly convincing common sense and uncommon sensitivity.

It’s a very safe bet the psychopathic death worshippers in ISIS haven’t watched Lesley Hazleton speak. An equally safe bet that American Koran-burning preachers haven’t either.

In my opinion this talk, short though it is, should be a compulsory ingredient in any serious religious education secondary school slot, irrespective of the spiritual stance of the curriculum, institution, teachers or students. Watch the talk. Tell me you don’t agree!


Hugh (an atheist in Bangkok)

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