Brigitte’s Pick: Village in Afghanistan … Incredible!!


Hugh Paxton’s Blog agrees with Brigitte on this one. Incredible, indeed! Also highly creative and very cozy! I’ve seen troglodyte dwellings in Turkey and have heard that 30 million Chinese live in caves (I haven’t actually seen them doing it) but when it comes to world class excavations these Afghans are serious contenders for the cup!

Thanks for sharing this, Brigitte!


Subject: FW: Village in Afghanistan … Incredible!!

Village in Afghanistan … Can you believe it??

And you wonder why they can’t find Osama Bin Laden?

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One Response to “Brigitte’s Pick: Village in Afghanistan … Incredible!!”

  1. Hugh Paxton Says:

    For the record they did find Osama Bin Laden. And he wasn’t living in a cave. He was comfortably ensconced in a walled villa in Pakistan not very far from several police and military installations. I guess the bin Laden comment somewhat dates these photos! But they are still very fine!

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