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Hugh Paxton’s Blog enjoys living in Thailand for many reasons. One of these is that it is Buddhist. I’m not particularly religious but the underlying philosophies of Buddhism – well, I can live quite happily alongside them; they don’t evangelise, order me around, annoy me, insist my wife be wrapped in a black bag, ban beer and bacon, don’t encourage adherents to murder each other because of doctrinal divisions etc. In most cases Buddhists come across as decent, easygoing people with a generosity of spirit and tolerance and that is why so many visitors to Thailand leave with fond memories. Not everybody does, of course, but people are people, good bad and ugly the world over. And wearing the saffron robe is not an automatic guarantee of inner peace. On rare occasions it may be concealing an assassin’s weapon.

The following two BBC reports (video and audio – I prefer the audio, it’s less glib) dwell on a branch of Buddhism that has sprouted some atypical fruit, both in Sri Lanka and Myanmar and, to a lesser degree, in Thailand.


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Radio version too:

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