Tree Snakes Series- Rough Green Snake


I was impressed with Chang’s shot of the Paradise Tree Snake. Here is a Rough Green Snake seen recently in Louisiana.

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rough green snake, Ophendrys aestivus Found in the south-eastern half of the USA and rougher in texture than its smoother northern counterpart, I was charmed by the grace of this gentle tree snake, Ophendrys aestivus , the Rough Green Snake.

Rough Green Snake, head and neck, in its leafy arborial element in Louisiana Non-venomous and preying upon insects and spiders, this Rough Green Snake ( Ophendrys aestivus) delightfully distracted me from the washing up. I probably wouldn’t have seen this slim, elegant tree snake climbing slowly up a branch unless it was about 3 feet from my face.

That’s not because I’m particularly unobservant, it’s rather due to the Rough Green Snake’s unobtrusive motion and superb camouflage. We’ve seen one before, in eastern Texas at Trinity River NWR, on the ground. I opened the kitchen window and it tasted me for a moment with its flickering tongue.

Judging me to be inedible, but the questing zooming motion of my lens to be a possible threat, the snake accelerated smoothly upwards…

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