ISIS psychos beheaded


Hugh Paxton’s Blog suspects the following incident might put a bit of a dent in ISIS/Army of Islam relations.

Here’s what happened. Fighters from a Jihadi Syrian rebel group operating around Damascus decided to stop fighting government soldiers and instead teach Islamic State a lesson. The ISIS psychos had, for reasons unclear, executed at least three members of Jaysh al-Islam (Army of Islam) so their buddies rounded up 18 ISIS volunteer warriors and executed them back.

They did so in style.

For many ghastly months ISIS fighters have lined up hapless captives and dressed them in orange prison overalls before sawing their heads off on video for global distribution. You can imagine just how galling it must have been for the ISIS lads to see the Army of Islam boys turn up wearing orange prison overalls and with a handycam and lots of balls and chains. The ISIS martyrs got to wear the shackles and keep their black goblin outfits and then had their heads sawn off for a change. The video went on-line last night. I for one look forward to many more sequels!

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  1. charlespaxton Says:

    What goes around, comes around.

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