Thai DayZZZ: Sleeping driver.


Hugh Paxton’s Blog has to hand it to my beloved wife. Bags packed for river boat trip to Heart of Borneo (it’s in Sarawak – big jungly area), leech-proof socks, wet tropics gear, the works, and the taxi to the airport for the Bangkok/Singapore/Kuching flight is driven by a narcoleptic fellow who dings four cars then falls asleep twice. My wife snaps a shot of, as Jeeves would describe, “tired eyelids falling on tired eyes” and then spends the rest of the taxi driver’s journey to the airport watching him closely and prodding him to maintain a state of wakefulness.

The bloke was tired, old, possibly trying to sustain himself and his dignity and endless hungry family hands grabbing at his wallet. He might have had the help of crystal M. Or, perhaps driving the cab for a relative who didn’t turn up. My wife didn’t report him. He could barely park.

Let the cops sort the poor fellow out. Better still, if he could make it out of traffic, pull his cab into a little dirt road with farmers playing cards and kids with bare feet falling off boats and family squabbling…they’ll see him right. A lot of places like that in Bangkok.

My philosophy is this: My wife’s alive, my daughter’s happy, the taxi driver wasn’t at his best but after being prodded repeatedly by my wife he might have learned the error of his ways , if he’s beyond help the cops will already have him in a horrid detention cell (the intl airport is the LAST place to be if you have illegal substances in your bloodstream, rectum, handbag or if you are a nasty little Islamist terrorist with sexual problems and a need to go to heaven by killing sunbathers or lashing small kids for licking lollipops and listening to music).

It’s worked out well for us. I feel sorry for the taxi driver but at the same time it is not a thing he should be doing. If you take a taxi, don’t just check that he is turning on the meter, give him a once-over, politely, and if he’s snoring, take the next cab. I’m seriously blessed that I am not a taxi driver driven to such extremes.


Hugh in Bangkok

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